KDE Post Install Changes

I’ve started using KDE on Fedora 18 and there were a few annoyances I needed to deal with. They are listed in this post.

Enable Trackpad Clicking

Fedora tries to not change the default settings for upstream projects. KDE, by default (it appears), disables clicking from the Trackpad. It’s a quick fix. Read How to enable touchpad click.

An alternative method, that works for only one user at a time, is this:

Open System Settings > Input Devices (under Hardware) > Touchpad > Tapping. Check/enable “Enable Tapping”. Apply changes.

Open the file ~/.kde/share/config/kcmtouchpadrc and change TapButton1=0 to TapButton1=1. Log out and log back in. Clicking through Touchpad/Trackpad should now work.

Hat tip: Re: KDE touchpad mouse click not working

Disable Software Update Checking from Apper

I like to do my software management from the command line. Most times Apper interferes with this. So I disable a service that checks for updates.

Open System Settings > Startup and Shutdown (under System Administration) > Service Manager. In the list for “Startup Services” disable/uncheck and stop Apper Monitor. Apply your changes.