USB devices greyed out in Virtualbox [Solved] – Centos

On my Centos 5.4 I installed Virtualbox and run Windows XP guest OS on it. After installation it showed available USB devices but all were greyout or disabled. After searching for the solution on net for 2 days i finally get it working by  following the steps below.


Findout gid number by typing

# grep vboxusers /etc/group

you will get output like this


Note down the number between :XXX: in this case it is 501

Step 2:

Now make sure none of the usb devices attached to the PC.

goto root level and run the follwoing commands

[root@~]# umount /proc/bus/usb
[root@~]# mount -n -t usbfs /proc/bus/usb /proc/bus/usb -o devgid=501,devmode=664

put devgid value  which you get above.

Step 3:

Now open your virtubalbox and run the OS, you will see all your USB devices enabled.



Hat Tips: Virtualbox Forum