Openfiler: Network Access Configuration Changes Disappear

One day suddenly I could not copy files to my SMB share. I got an error that “the specified network name is no longer available”. I looked in /var/log/messages and one repeated error was rps.statd can’t decode rpc message. I tried to search for its cause and could not find anything that would solve my problem with not being able to copy any files to the share.

After mucking around the system, I noticed that in Network Access Configuration (in the web GUI), one by one all the entries started to disappear (on each refresh). If I tried to add them back, they would not stick and on refresh would disappear again. Googling revealed a very helpful resource: Network Access Configuration Changes Don’t “Stick”. According to it, the error could be caused by logs filling up the whole filesystem. I looked in /var/log/ and saw that the raa folder was taking in excess of 1.3 GB in a root partition of 2 GB (df -h and du -ah revealed this to me). Navigating to the raa folder showed that two files were approximately 600 MB is size: lighttpd.access.log and web-access. I removed these files and then restarted the machine (thinking on the next boot these files would be generated again).

Upon successful reboot, I was able to add entries to Network Access Configuration and everything was back to normal.

Bonus tips: To display all volume groups in command line, use vgdisplay. To display all logical volumes, use lvdisplay. To remove a logical volume via command line, when they can’t be deleted from the web GUI, use lvmremove. Hat tip to Can’t delete volume group.