Reaction to Ubuntu Phone Announcement

My first reaction is a very positive one. I welcome a new perspective to the mobile market. It’s a cool concept to have the same underlying OS on your phone, desktop, and server. The actual product is about a year from being in consumer hands. But the announcement now means that developers can create apps, handset manufacturers can build phones, carriers can make deals to bring them on their networks, etc. It’s good to have this discussion going.

I’m disappointed with all the negativity on reddit surrounding the announcement. Yes, the project’s not done yet. It’s not ready to ship. It might not be successful. It may not get enough compelling apps. Why be negative? It’s a new year, a new product, a new beginning. Let’s voice our support now. If it fails, it fails, and we can move on to another project. But let’s give this an honest effort and aim for success.

Ubuntu Phone, I’ll vocally support your development starting today. I may not be able to contribute apps but I may buy you when you’re released.


2 Responses to Reaction to Ubuntu Phone Announcement

  1. What Apple understands and its critics did not ( and still do not ) is that many people, from all walks of life, simply appreciate nice things. They accuse Apple of pretension and elitism, but it’s they, the critics, who hold that the mass market for phones and tablets is overwhelmingly composed of tasteless, fickle shoppers who neither discern nor care about product quality. That Apple’s lead in these categories is simply because they were first out of the gate in them, not because their products are so good.

  2. Roshan P Koshy says:

    Ubuntu phone OS looks good in CES and yes, they picked an award from the least known publisher. i hope that the effort on convergence works well after the build is made public in late feb.

    But what I want to see in Ubuntu phone is mobile version of GIMP and LibreOffice. that is one of the importnat goal in the roadmap to be a “super phone”.

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