Brush up on Linux

A friend recently asked me if I could point her to the right resources so she could brush up on her Linux skills before an interview. She had used Linux many years ago, and that too in a very limited way. She fuzzily recalled navigating the file system, using vi, starting some service, and not much more. Obviously, Linux is such a vast subject that you cannot just cram your way to a successful interview. However, it certainly is possible to prepare for some basic questions asked during an interview.

Since her situation was such that the interviewing team used Red Hat Enterprise Linux, I suggested she head over to the CentOS public mirror list and download CentOS 6 LiveDVD. It would allow her to play around before installing.

She downloaded VirtualBox and installed it. She created a VM and used the downloaded LiveDVD to first play and then install CentOS.

Finally, I recommended some online resources and tutorials to help her get familiar with Linux.

Commands cheat sheet:
To manage software (packages) in RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora, use yum:
vi cheat sheet:
bash beginner’s tutorial; although its title says BeOS, it seems to be relevant to bash in general:
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS); good to know the standard for which files go where:


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