VMware ESXi License Expiration

After installing ESXi and connecting to it with VI client, a message is displayed: your license will expire in 180 days. Getting rid of this message entails entering the license key you received from VMware (when downloading ESXi) into the server. Since I learned of this from ESXi Managment, I thought it appropriate to quote the exact words I learned from: Using your vSphere Client, connect to your ESXi installation -> visit Inventory -> select your ESxi server from the left hand side -> Configuration -> Licensed Features -> click “Edit…” in the upper right -> Select “Assign a new license key to this host” -> Click “Enter Key” -> type in the license key that you got from VMware. This way you can renew license for ESXi.


One Response to VMware ESXi License Expiration

  1. Dave H. says:

    Thanks, Buddy. The “Edit…” button on the Configuration tab is hard to see up in the far right-hand corner. Not intuitive at all. Appreciate your post!

    -Dave H.

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