Convert PCAP file to Text

I searched high and low on how to convert a Wireshark trace in pcap format into a text file. The only help I got, which really helped, was PCAP format file conversion. On command line, you have to run the following command:

tshark -V -r file_to_convert.pcap

It displays the trace as text. To save the output to file, I did the following on Windows 2003:

tshark -V -r file_to_convert.pcap > file_to_convert.txt

Of course, I am assuming you have tshark installed. Since I installed everything when I installed Wireshark, tshark was installed already.


2 Responses to Convert PCAP file to Text

  1. Thyag says:


    Firstly thanks for the info.

    I basically wanted to fiddle with some fields in a packet irrespective of procotol. Like change the ip address on the converted .txt file [ Find and replace the respective ip address in the converted .txt file]. I managed to do that from the above suggestion.

    Know I want to revert back the .txt file to .pcap file. Could you pl suggest ??

    I have tried with text2pcap utility, But this requires the content to in HEX without the descriptive fields.

    Any help here would be much appreciated.


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