Useful Mac Apps

I use a MacBook and have installed some pretty useful applications over a period of time. They are listed below, with some explanation of why I find them useful.

Witch – it allows me to use alt-tab to move through all open windows, instead of cmd-tab which moves through applications only

Flip4Mac WMV – it allows me to view wmv files in QuickTime

RCDefaultApp – it allows to specify default applications for each file type

bbDEMUX – it allows to extract audio from a DVD vob file

MacTheRipper – it allows ripping a DVD to disk

UnRarX – it uncompresses rar files

MacVim – it is a Mac port of the vim text editor

TextWrangler – it is a text editor

Transmission – it is a bittorrent client

Chicken of the VNC – it is a VNC client

VMware Fusion – it allows running other operating systems as virtual machines

CoconutBattery – it shows details about the battery of my MacBook

iStat nano – it shows system statistics, such as CPU, memory, and disk usage in the Dashboard

Audacity – it is an audio editor

VLC – it is a media player

Cisco VPN Client – it is used to connect to a VPN handled by a Cisco device

Remote Desktop Connection – it is to be used to connect to a Windows machine using remote desktop

Stuffit – it is a compression utility

Zenmap – it is a network security analyzer; great to find holes in your own network for better security

KisMAC – it tries to break into wireless networks; great to improve security of your wireless network – it is a great and open source replacement for Microsoft Office

July 26, 2009 Update

Wireshark – a great tool to troubleshoot network problems

MacFUSE – extends file system capability

NTFS-3G – allows Linux and Mac to read and write NTFS

TeXShop – LaTeX for your Mac


One Response to Useful Mac Apps

  1. kOoLiNuS says:

    aside from the audio/video manipulation ones I do use, and confirm the advice, all of them :D

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