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I haven’t had too much experience in Python. I start learning it then something else comes up. After some time I pick it up again but something else happens. So I know of Python and know some Python but don’t actually know Python. If you are in the same boat, these resources will help you very much in getting to the next level.

Byte of Python. This is a free online book which teaches you Python.

Dive Into Python. This book is a very good place to learn Python.

Building Skills in Python. This is another book which will help you with Python.

The Python Challenge. According to the website: “Python Challenge is a game in which each level can be solved by a bit of (Python) programming.”

Project Euler. This website provides mathematical problems that you have to solve by programming. And if you solve them in Python, you kill two birds with one stone: learn math and learn Python.

The way I would like to really learn Python is to read the books, try their examples, and then work on the challenges that make you not only think of algorithms but also how to implement them. Such comprehensive learning is what we should all want.


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  1. redochre says:

    Thanks for this list, I’m just starting out and it good to find more resources. The Python Challenge looks like fun!

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