Error – sudo : timestamp too far in the future

Make sure you have set a password for the root account in Ubuntu. I had a problem where I tried to sudo a user but was unable to do it because of the error: sudo : timestamp too far in the future. I had to restart the computer. Had I already set a password for root, I could have logged in as root and killed the process for sudo.

I came across another post (sudo:timestamp too far in the future) which said to run the following command

sudo -v

According to the source of this information, the -v option resets the time for the current validity of sudo without re-authenticating (asking for password). So I guess that should work as well.

A possible solution, one I have the most confidence in without actually considering it to be perfect, is to set hardware clock to UTC time. Then you may choose whichever time zone you want for system time. It seems to work for me.


There is no definite solution that works for everyone. At least, I haven’t come across one.


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